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Hartford, Huntingdonshire UK
Listed in the Domesday Book 1086
as one Manor and 34 households, estimated to be about 140 people. 

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  August 2019 Newsletter


Trinity School Housing Proposal

A Planning Proposal was submitted to Huntingdon District Council in June for four 3 bedroom town houses plus 9 parking spaces on the School Lane site, already passed by Huntingdon Town Council. 
Having considered the comments of individual residents whose neighbouring properties would be 
impacted by the construction of the new dwellings, the HCG focused on aspects within our remit and submitted the following comments to the planning authority: 
Whilst we accept that housing, especially affordable housing, is needed in Hartford, we are not 
convinced that 2 to 3 story town houses in this location are the answer. 

1) We are concerned by the poor access to the site via School Lane, especially with regard to emergency vehicles. 

2) Highway safety is further compromised by poor visibility and tight access from Main Street,

compounded by poor parking on the street as cars may be parked on both sides of Main Street at  this point. 

3) Regarding the design, we feel that these houses are unnecessarily high and will result in loss of  light and privacy to neighbouring properties. Despite the developers plans showing the preferred 

21m distance from adjacent properties, their architects have ignored it. In view of local resistance  can we suggest that an imaginative design of single storey dwellings would be preferable? 

4) We feel the use of wood panelling is rather lazy, making little or no effort to reflect the  neighbouring properties or the character of the Conservation area. 

For example we would have preferred some effort to reflect the red brick design reliefs of the school  room's southern elevation(please see above) 

5) We would like to see materials from the demolished building recycled into the new builds, saving  traffic movements through Main Street. 

6) Can we suggest that timing of deliveries, plant use etc are restricted to sensible hours such as  9.30am to 4.30 pm (1pm Saturdays and none on Sundays)? 

7) We would like to see all the broadleaf trees but especially the Holm oak is protected by a TPO.

8) Dog walkers and mobility scooter users, could thought be given to suitable warning signage?  

We are also concerned by the inevitable disruption there will be when the buildings and playground  are removed and later when deliveries of building materials are being made.


Huntingdon's new green Crematorium

Our new crematorium has been designed to meet high environmental standards according to Town Clerk Philip Peacock speaking to the Hartford Conservation Group in April.Located on Kings Ripton Road, adjacent to the Jubilee park football pitches, the Huntingdon Crematorium will be multi faith, recognising that Huntingdon now has a mixed population on top of the variety of our home-grown denominations with dedicated and natural burial site provision. There will be no fixed religious symbols but provision for both temporary physical symbols or projected, according to faith. Other 'hitec' facilities include 'live' streaming to a worldwide audience.

Excess heat from the crematoria will provide 'free' under floor heating while rain water will be stored for use in toilets and to provide irrigation for a new council plant nursery on the same site. Current funerals split on a 70% cremation to a 30% burial requirement. Initially designed to meet current needs for up to 1000 cremations a year, already the scheme has been upgraded to meet projections of 1300 before the end of the decade. Capacity for mourners will be 80 plus 40 on a mezzanine area. 

As well as avoiding the slow drive down the A14 to Cambridge Crematorium, there will be suitable catering facilities to have the post-service wake on the premises, thereby avoiding having to pile into cars and travel again before cups of tea and a bun.

The new facility will have sufficient capacity to last for over 100 years and could be in service by Easter 2020. 

Among the numerous questions posed by the audience, Philip Peacock confirmed that anyone with an existing funeral plan can chose to use the new facility and their funeral scheme provider would be obliged to foot the bill. 

Total costs are estimated at £6.75 million, financed by a fixed low rate government loan at 2.48%. 

Profits will enable Huntingdon Town Council to protect and enhance services in coming years. “We are all shareholders” said Mr Peacock. 

Future plans include the creation of an adjacent sports hub that will provide a dedicated home with good off-pitch facilities for rugby, hockey, and football. It would be putting Huntingdon on the sports map. We already have our Olympic Gym. The new centre would add the only indoor archery centre in the East of England. 


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